highlights from the last 2 weeks of the adventure with dave:

  1. went to ohio last weekend. our main goal was to help pat & michelle work on their new house. We got a lot done but so wish we could do more.
  2. one week later and i'm still recovering...i had a lot of emotions (good and bad) about our trip as always but mainly the final conclusion is that it would be much nicer if we just lived there. we wouldn't have to endure such a process just to go see our families (packing, driving, etc.). and we wouldn't feel like we had to cram everything into a two day period. i'm not sure levi slept more than 1 hour the entire time. he was exhausted and so was i. and i'm not sure i talked to dave more than 5 mins the entire time...so much for a weekend "together"
  3. dave has 3 cars to work on on the side today. he's super busy and the week ahead looks to be busy too. in fact, he will probably end up working until 8 or 9 on his birthday.
  4. also, the next 2 weeks are deer hunting season and we'd really really like for him to get at least 2 deer for us to eat for the next year. lots of deer processing ahead for me since we have a meat grinder this year. at least i'm not experiencing morning sickness like last year! haha!
  5. here's a funny story: last weekend on the way to ohio we gut stuck in a traffic jam on I-70 just when we got into Ohio. dave doesn't like to sit in traffic (and neither does levi- he instantly starting crying when we stopped...) so i looked over at dave and saw him thinking intently. i've been married to him long enough to know that when he gets that "look" i might as well just sit back and be quiet cuz i can't talk him out of whatever it is he's planning to do...so the traffic ahead of us inched forward and he suddenly gunned the car (which was filled to the ceiling with remodeling supplies and luggage) and headed for the median. we went bouncing over 2 little embankments (the second was a surprise) and we started spinning out a bit but luckily he'd gotten up enough speed we still could make our way over to the WB side and head back into Indiana to get onto Route 40 for a little detour...my car now has a tuft of grass stuck on the front bumper from our little off-roading adventure. but oh well. we didn't have to sit in traffic for hours.
  6. The ironic thing is that I"m the one who ended up getting a speeding ticket last Sat night as I rushed back to Mom & Dad's to feed Levi...if only that cop had seen Dave's little maneuver!
  7. mom gave me some fun money last weekend and this week i was able to get several awesome things at home goods. this is my favorite store, by the way. i got a green storage ottoman for the front room and some magazine files for the office and pillows for the front room. today i got some mirrors from target. i've been having lots of fun shopping! i even got a couple new outfits too.
  8. when i called mom to tell her about my shopping success she asked me "did you take levi with you?" ....i was like "Yeah, mom, what do you think i did with him? Left him at home alone?" and she laughed "I realized what a dumb question that was right after I asked it..." ...Another thing that I realized while in Ohio was how nice it is to have Levi's grandmas around. Mom had such a great time watching him and I spent more time away from him than I have so far his entire life. Before last Saturday the most I'd been away from him was 90 minutes. Last Saturday I was away from him for 6 hours straight. So crazy!
  9. I wish there was some way that I could just have half a Saturday with David watching levi so I could go get my haircut and maybe find some clothes to wear. I think it is very hard to clothes shop with Levi. But Dave's so busy these days. He says I will just have to find a babysitter. ...I guess so...I kept thinking that he would have a free weekend coming up but it is not happening.
  10. I absolutely love my little guy, don't get me wrong but I guess I"m just feeling a bit burnt out and lonely with Dave working so much. It's pretty much just me and Levi 12 hours a day minimum....just another reason to push us onto the goal of selling this house and moving.
  11. Speaking of th house...not much has happened as far as remodeling for the last month and we don't really see much happening over the next month. Hopefully we'll get a chance to work on the kitchen soon.
  12. Levi is sure growing and changing these days. He has pretty much outgrown most of his 0-3 months clothes. He loves sticking his fingers in his mouth and blowing bubbles. And he is becoming a little more patient about eating and he's eating a lot faster. Thankfully!

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