Levi :) and other updates

Levi hiding in Daddy's coat

Levi and Daddy wearing "earrings"

Levi playing in his exersaucer. He can really enjoy it now that we lowered it. In this photo, I hadn't done that yet. He absolutely loves playing in it because he can stand up and move around and play with his toys.

Unfortunately, Levi doesn't like his bumbo quite as well. Maybe our next baby will...hopefully. He will sit in it sometimes when I'm on the computer.

Here we are at Don's for the barn dance.

After the barn dance, we tried Daddy's cowboy hat on Levi. In the photo above you can't even see the baby :)

And here you can see he's all hat!

On Halloween he wore his little pumpkin outfit (from Auntie Em) to church!

Our family portrait :)

Levi when he woke up one morning. I love being home with him 2 days/ week and letting him sleep as long as he wants.

And I snapped this cute pic with the sun streaming in the window in his room and our shadows cast on the opposit wall.

Dave's Hitler mustache

Our family photo taken today in the church nursery. We may put this in our Christmas card!

Levi playing with his giraffe in his crib today...He is so adorable!

Levi laughing when Mommy tickled him

3 generations of Neer men after the gun show

Levi and his Granny hanging out one Friday night

One year ago today we found out we were expecting a baby. God has blessed us tremendously this year.

Levi is changing every day. He's become very vocal this last month. He makes the sweetest little sounds when he gets tired. It melts my heart. He rolled over 5 times on Nov 7th (3 times at my parents' house and 2 times at Dave's parents' house) but has not done it since...Dave says because he's mastered that and is now working on crawling...haha...but he may be right. Yesterday i put Levi on the floor hoping he'd roll over to get his toy and instead he just twisted and scooted his body around on his belly till he got to the toy.

And his latest trick started on David's birthday (this past Thursday)...I was reading him one of his favorite books and I noticed that everytime I reached to turn the page he would put his little hand there to "help" me turn the page. So I decided to wait and see what happened and lo and behold, he turned the page himself! It's amazing. He's 3 1/2 months old and "reading" his own books! I'm so proud. He has done it multiple times since...

He has been feeling a little under the weather this week and I sure hope he gets better soon. Between constipation and runny noses, he's ready for some healthy times.

Thanksgiving is coming this week and we're all looking forward to celebrating with my family. And then Levi & I are spending the weekend with my parents cleaning and such while David hunts and serves at church here. And there's rumor I will be getting a massage too. Can't wait!

In other news, the kitchen hasn't changed in about a month, Dave keeps getting more and more side work, he's deer hunting every possible chance he gets so we can have some meat to eat this year, I'm adjusting to working part time, occasionally having days where I spend more time recouping from piano lessons,etc. than actually doing anything productive, and we're slowly making our way thru the 16 rolls of 1 ply toilet paper that I mistakenly bought about a month ago. Ugh!

Also, you may have noticed Dave's recent facial hair changes. First he grew a beard then he shaved off part of it then he shaved off more. And he went to work with his "Hitler" mustache one day. Got lots of negative feedback (of course!) so he shaved that off. I'm glad to have his normal face back to kiss. A lot less scratchy!

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Erica said...

haha...love Daves Hitler mustache! I can't believe he went to work like that!! I also (you'll hate me for this!) have to say I like Dave scruffy! Probably because I've never seen him like that, but I dunno, I like it...but I feel your pain..literally. I hate when Jimmy is scruffy..it might as well be sandpaper on my face!!!
Levi is getting sooo big and SO cute! Looks just like his Daddy! The time just goes by way too fast, glad to see your enjoying every second!! Love you guys and thanks for updating...and sorry about that toilet paper..ugh is right!!! LOL