Dave has been out deer hunting multiple times this year but had no luck...until yesterday! He shot this nice 8 point buck last night. Looks like we will be eating good once again this year. I'm so thankful! He's out hunting again tonight, the last night of season, hoping to get 2 more deer. That would be pretty awesome but we're thankful at least for the 1.

Levi & I went home with my parents Thursday night after celebrating Thanksgiving with at Aunt Sharon's house. We spent the weekend hanging out with mom and dad. I helped mom clean out part of her attic. I'm very proud of her for choosing to get rid of some things. We made quite a dent. I just LOVE helping people declutter. Now, if only I could get motivated to finish decluttering my own home. I also scored some awesome things from her attic that we've been wishing we could buy... 2 end tables and 2 bed pillows that look brand new, as well as some neat candle holders that she was tired of. I also got to use a gift certificate from a friend for a free massage Sat night. It was amazing then I came home to mom's to eat roast, potatoes, carrots, apple pie and watch Christmas vacation. What a fun way to kick off the Christmas season!

Nevertheless, it is always good to be home. Levi does not sleep well at all away from home. We maybe slept 2 hours each the past 2 nights. I'm hoping that over Christmas we can set up my old crib at mom's so he can sleep in it.(we would have this weekend but were missing the screws so we need to have Dave help us with that project another time). I think he sleeps a lot better on his own in a crib. He hates the pack n play and this time I tried to have him sleep in bed with me. Not good...he basically realizes that I am there next to him and he treats the night like a trip to an all you can eat buffet....I know he's fully capable of sleeping at least 5-6 hours straight...but...

Anyways, as you can imagine, I'm exhausted and have plenty of unpacking and laundry to do and we'll be up at 5 to babysit tomorrow...so I better quit writing.

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