Random Things

1. We got our Christmas tree Sunday evening. That's the first tree we bought since 2006. The last tree we had in our home was in 2007, one we cut out of our front yard. And I think all we did was put lights on it cuz we didn't have time to really decorate it working 5 jobs. The past 2 years we did not have a tree. I'm so happy to have one this year. Decorating it was so much fun. I had completely forgotten what decorations we had for the tree. It was like shopping our attic for free!

2. I've been reorganizing and decluttering the office again. This is probably the 3rd time this year. Each time I throw away more junk. I can't believe how much I used to have crammed in here. Yet it is still crowded and messy. I keep coming back to the same conclusion...that I need a new desk with drawers in it. Not a table. In fact, I want David to build me the knock off version of this.

3. Levi is much more interactive lately. He turns when you call his name and smiles back at you when you smile at him.

Last week he went to the doctor for his 4 month checkup. He is still growing, is still average in size, etc. He weighed 14 lbs 3 oz and was 26 1/2 inches long.

His reflux is getting better but he still spits up and drools A LOT.  We tried giving him some rice cereal a couple times. Not sure if we will keep doing that or not. He seems pretty interested in it for about 10-15 mins but doesn't seem to get a lot down. It's neat though to be moving onto spoon feeding him a bit though.

4. I've been working out. For some reason my treadmill will not run for more than 15-20 minute increments without stopping but that's ok.  I just hold on tight to the handlebars around 15 mins so I don't fall down when it suddenly screeches to a halt.

5. Dave & I have been processing the deer together. We finished up last night. So glad to have that messy job done! We have about 15 lbs of ground meat, several stew meat packages, roasts and filets, etc. It's awesome to get that much meat while hunting and just such a neat feeling that if the world / economic system as we know it came to an end that he could go out and kill something and we'd know what to do with it to get food for our family. We would not starve!

6. I am back on the internet and slowly learning that I can get a lot more done if I don't allow myself on here till all the work is done. Seems so logical yet so hard :) But I'm getting it.

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