Levi showing off his "push-up" skills a couple weeks ago...aren't his little cloth diapers adorable?

David finally let me get rid of his disgusting foam pillow that he's had his entire life...ew! It was comfy but over the past year it had developed "lumps" and it smelled bad and when I found "new" pillows in mom's attic, we could let it go.

Levi going after the spoon of rice cereal :) And Mommy & Daddy eating chili cheese fries with leftover chili. This is an awesome way to use leftover chili. Just slice up some potatoes, bake them and cover them with chili and cheese. mmmm...

Levi fell asleep on Daddy's shoulder Friday night

Our trip to the Christmas tree farm in the twenty degree weather at sunset. Brrr!

Daddy standing by our tree!

Mommy & Levi by the tree. Trust me. Levi is in there somewhere. Under several layers of coats, trying to stay warm.

Our little family right after we got home with our Christmas tree!

It was so cozy Sunday night in our home. I decorated the tree while David ground deer meat. We were listening to Patty Loveless Bluegrass & White Snow and had those lovely red candles burning too. :)

We have officially reclaimed a small portion of our great room back. The base cabinets have been moved into the kitchen.

I set up the nativity on the piano this year. It's lovely. Of course, you must pretend there isn't a 4x8 sheet of drywall hiding behind the piano....hhhh...the joys of remodeling...

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Erica said...

looks beautiful and I LOVE that family picture!!! Miss you and love you!! --I'm glad you got a Christmas Tree this year, I can't imagine going a year w/o one! It looks so cozy!!