intentional posessions

I am thankful for the time I spent with my mom Thanksgiving weekend purging stuff from her attic because it got me back in the mood to declutter.

And I am slowly learning that the things we accumulate in our home can either make the space inviting or suffocating. Things somewhat have the power to alter our emotions, etc. Of course we're ultimately in control of our emotions but our environment does play a role. Anyways, I've decided that I only want "intentional posessions". Things that actually serve our family and have use or that bring us joy rather than a bunch of stuff. Stuff that we've acquired because someone else didn't want it anymore or stuff that we got on sale, or even a gift that someone gave us that just is NOT us, etc, etc. Things are meant to be a blessing and when they become a burden instead they need to leave.

This year I've spent many many hours sorting and purging junk in our home. I've burnt at least 10 garbage bags of papers and misc. stuff from our home office. I've become a regular at the local Goodwill donation centers, hauling in all sorts of things from furniture to clothing to dishes, etc. And as I look around our home I am beginning to see the results of all my efforts. In a 1300 sq ft home with no garage or basement and a very small attic storage space, you simply CAN NOT have all the stuff that we did. There is still more to sort thru and I'm still not satisfied as I look around, but I can breathe easy knowing that I am headed in the right direction now.

...Can't wait till Dave gets home so I can have him purge some stuff from the great room. I have 2 boxes of his stuff to go thru with him.

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