the upper kitchen cabinets have been sitting in our front room since sept 27 or something like that...long enough that i started using them more as a table to store stuff on...(my poor david has been working 12 hour days/6 days/wk for the past few months...not a lotof energy/time left to work on the kitchen...)

here's a close up of our gorgeous granite counter...

this is what our kitchen looked like all last week

last sunday night dave & i tore out the old drywall together.

this is also what our kitchen looked like all last week...

dave thursday night, well, friday at 1 a.m. after he spent the evening running crown mold with our friend mark. isn't it beautiful?

dave, rod and linn have done a tremendous amt of work this wknd....here they are hanging drywall together.

after mudding the drywall they decided to go ahead and set in the base cabinets. the drawer cab is missing a side. it got damaged...and we must replace it.

levi chillin' with his shades - he's been a fantastic boy in the midst of the chaos

the guys adding some screws to the back of the cabinets before hanging them up on the wall

the uppers on the wall...minus the cabinet for above the microwave. we are going to have to build it out so the crown mold ties in correctly.

the cabinet for above fridge will also come later.

it is amazing how these look... my mind could not imagine it...i will be forever grateful to patrick for all that he's done to make this a reality and to his family for the hours he spent away from them doing this.

the pantry cabinet next to the laundry room door

our front room now..baby stuff everywhere, power tools, boxes of food...unmade bed in the background.. apparently they are laying tile in the kitchen later today so all the food and dishes and fridge will have to come out since we won't be able to walk on thekitchen floor for a few days...or do laundry either...

the great room. boxes of 16" travertine tile await. yep, we've had these since may 2009.

rod told me last night ther's not a lot of women who would handle living in this mess as well as i have . that statement meant more to me than anything i've heard in a while...thank you Rod

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