I am lazy by nature. I always used to think that my house was a mess because I worked full time but ever since I came home, it is still messy. So I've been observing my own behavior, trying to find out why our house is such a mess. And one of the conclusions that I've come to is that I don't see the point in putting something away that I will soon need to use again. That's just too many steps to take. For example, why put the blow dryer away if I will need it again tomorrow...? Or why make the bed when I'll just sleep in it again tonight? Or why put my toothpaste in the cabinet when I'll need it again soon? Or why bother putting the toilet paper on the holder....it will just have to be replaced again....anyways...I've decided the best thing that I can do is come up with really easy ways of storing things out of sight so my house looks less messy.

For example, when we redid our master bath this year we installed 4 outlets inside the sink cabinet so we can easily leave our blow dryer, curling iron, electric toothbrush and shaver plugged in at all times. I just open up the cabinet and pull my hair dryer out to use it and put it back in the basket in the cabinet when I'm done. Not having to take it out and plug it in and set it up on the counter saves several steps. So it keeps me from leaving the hair dryer on the counter.

I'm also realizing that I'm much more apt to put things away if there is an actual place designated for the item.

Which brings me to my point of organizing tools. I love our new master bedroom closet. We were able to purchase lots of shelves, hanging rods, etc. to create a very organized system. We thought about exactly what we wanted to store in there and now there's a place for everything. I love it.
One of the next things I would like to purchase is this: 

I would like to hang my kitchen towel right on the sink cabinet door. We may hang it so it is inside the cabinet though. It would look neater that way, but it would be right where I need it. Very handy.

Another thing I'd like to get is this:
The plan is to hang this in the back of our master bath shower up on the tiled part. We will be able to store some towels right in the shower and hang our wet ones up to dry and still be able to close the shower curtain and have it look very neat in our bathroom all day long.

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