Levi & Emergency Fund

I uploaded some short videos of Levi to youtube. Check them out:
Levi playing in his crib
Levi enjoying his changing table

Yesterday we sold the BMW that we bought a month ago. Dave originally bought it because it was a really good deal and he thought he'd sell the Jeep and start driving the BMW. But then we woke up to the reality that we no longer had an emergency fund (after over-spending on remodeling the house, having to buy a new furnace unexpectedly last winter and paying cash for Levi's birth/prenatal care...) so we decided to sell the car and put the profits in savings. Well, last night with the profits from the car, we were able to set aside 2 and a 1/2 months of living expenses. How incredibly exciting. And we'd already put aside 1/2 month of living expenses before that. So now we have a 3 month emergency fund again. Praise the Lord!

On a side note, the lady paid us cash for the car. I have never in my life seen that much cash in our hands. It was very intriguing. We took pictures. And all we know is that we'd rather see it in our hands ready to go in the bank than sitting in our driveway in the form of "equity" in the car.

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Erica said...

whoever said you have "equity" in a car is well...not smart. A car loses 1/2 it's value just driving off the lot!! Glad you got it sold and now have money stored up!! I bet that is exciting and a little bit of a relief! You guys rock! seriously!