random thoughts about stuff for the home

i've been thinking a lot about appliances lately since we're remodeling the kitchen.

we no longer have the luxury of a dishwasher until we buy a new built in one...probably during the after thanksgiving sales. i've found that i actually find it kind of nice not having one because i can instantly wash the dishes after meals and have the use of those dishes again at the next meal. the dishwasher was only adding to my general attitude of procrastination....i had been loading the dishwasher and running it in the evenings so i'd often find that i needed a particular dish or utensil for dinner but it was dirtied at breakfast time and was still sitting dirty in the dishwasher...not such a luxury after all, huh?

and we have not had a microwave since april 2009. we've found that leftovers are a lot yummier fixed on the stove or in the toaster oven or oven rather than the microwave. it seems to zap the life out of food.

as we remodel our house i find myself really thinking about decorating and things that i like and would love to have if money were no object. these are new thoughts to me as i never really expended much thought and energy to this kind of thing when our house was not so pretty....

and it's amazing how many things i find myself wanting/wishing i had. luckily i do a pretty good job of holding myself back from actually buying this stuff but i just dream of the day when i might have some extra cash where i could buy some of this. all in all, i realize that i am very, very blessed to have everything that i do currently possess and i am content with it really.

a bedskirt for our bed ...that would not wrinkle and would be beautifully white even after washing (guess i'd need a new well for that...haha)

2 matching night stands for our bedroom ...with drawers to store extra clothes or books or something (and the space in my room to fit them...)
2 end tables for the front room...or nested tables like this. i think they are cool

a woven rug for the kitchen...maybe like this green one?

a neutral rug for the great room

chairs like these for a little sitting area

bar stools like these

 or these

custom closet organizers like this

round mirrors like these to intersperce with some art work....

ahhhh...i could probably go on forever so i must stop now.
what are some things you wish you could buy right now, small or large?

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