wooden baby toys

i hope that someday we can get Levi some toys like this...or that david can make some toys like this...i found these for sale on etsy. i know that in my childhood i had some of the most fun ever playing with stuff like this. when mom worked at the presbyterian church, emily and i spent HOURS playing with the wooden blocks, ramps, etc. in the preschool area and i remember mrs. fitzrandolph's first grade classroom at the school in WL was the best. she had lincoln logs and blocks and all kinds of fun stuff. that was also the year i met jake hillard and rhett (who i initially thought was "rat") michael...jake told me that his dad drove a truck. i was impressed and i believe he thought i was pretty cool because i told him i'd ride in the grain hauling truck with my dad sometimes. i told him that my dad put my care bear sheets on the bed in the back of his truck cab....ah....the memories are flooding back...

dave & i were just reminiscing this past weekend with our small group about how all my friends were boys as a child (jake, rhett , david p, jeramy k, jeff). the only 2 birthday parties i was invited to as a first grader were jeramy's and jeff's...and to this day, i generally find it easier to make conversation with the men in our families, circles of friends, etc....and it is also dave's tendency to be the jealous type which made for some fun arguments in high school, college, etc. but these days (especially after reading his needs, her needs and created to be his help meet) i've been able to learn how to respect david and have healthy relationships that will not make him jealous...and he's more secure in our relationship nowadays so he's not so jealous either.

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