organizing my cabinets

our cabinets still need stained and the doors and crown mold hung but we've decided to go ahead and move in because realistically it will be a while till all that work's done and we have to live in our house...eat, etc....so here's a fun post about organizing our cabinets.

but first...some before shots to remind you of what this space once looked like :)

always had stuff stacked on top of the fridge and pantry cupboard and counters cuz there was no storage space...and we had loads of stuff crammed in the laundry room cabinets as well.

I hated that fake gray brick backsplash since day one....let me tell ya...

and now introducing our new cabinets:

this pantry cupboard is large enough to house extra food, paper products, and all our small appliances too! we had canning supplies in there, a meat grinder and large scale, a waffle iron, a hand mixer and food chopper/smartstick, a blender, food processor, coffee maker, tea maker, pitchers, towels and hot pads, paper towels, napkins, paper plates, jug of water, etc, etc. i'm amazed.

plates bowls and cups here

bsking dishes above stove ....mcrowave to come later...

i almost can't believe i have food in my kitchen cupboards. it was always in laundry room orfreestanding cabinet
the 3 tiered spice rack in the cabinet. fun, fun!

our ugly 1980s fridge showcased in a cherry frame. imagine new fridge...waiting for a sale and saving money. also note there's enough room in the cabinet above the fridge for our wheat grinder, roaster pan, water jug, crock pot, pie basket and dave's huge lunch bag...we like to joke that that one cabinet is more storage than we had in our entire old kitchen. we used to store most of this stuff in other closets in the house or in the living room under the end tables. haha!

dishes in cabinets. never had/used our old base cabinets. they were too disgusting.

look at this HUGE silverware drawer. woohoo!

another drawer for pans.
and there's another one not shown here for our 4 heavy cast iron skillets and cast iron muffin pan.
the beauty of custom made cabinets is that we could make these drawers extra strong to support the weight of all these pans.

cookbook/coffee cabinet

and all this came from these plans we made last october
and patrick's hard, hard work! here's a photo of him in his woodshop :)

for the first time ever in the house i have ALL the kitchen stuff in the kitchen in cabinets with only the knives, paper towel roll and toaster oven out on the counter. and some bananas. so happy!

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Erica said...

looks awesome Katie!!! Yay for a new kitchen!!!