1. while browsing the internet saturday for fun design blogs, i found this blog. she posted pics of real life messes in her home then 75 other people linked up pics of their messes in the comments section. click here to see for yourself. i just love this. as someone who has actually posted pics of my remodeling messes for your entertainment purposes, i'm glad to know i'm not the only one with a messy house on a day to day basis. enjoy!
  2. in the past couple weeks, levi has learned how to sit up and roll over from his back to his front (he mastered the other direction a couple months ago).
  3. he is also becoming more and more mobile. if left alone in a room, he will scoot around on his belly and get into all kinds of trouble :) 
  4. my mom came out about 1 week ago and brought us tons of frozen meals to eat since we were having an incredibly hard time cooking during the kitchen remodel. the month leading up to that we'd eaten about $400 worth of fast food and were all 3 feeling sick because of it. for people who rarely eat fast food this was quite an adjustment. i am so thankful for all the hard work she did to make that happen.
  5. also while mom was here i was able to get my haircut and my eyebrows waxed for the first time since before levi was born. i was very thankful for that too.
  6. they are predicting over an inch of ice and 30 mph winds in our area over the next 2 days. it has started sleeting now. power outages could last days or even weeks according to the news. i am choosing not to believe that but i did go ahead and stock up on some necessities at the busy grocery store today (charcoal so we can grill meat, water, milk, etc.). and i got kerosene for our heater. seriously, how do you prepare in one days' time for weeks of no power? i think i will just pray that doesn't happen. too bad we sold that generator we bought the summer after our last big ice storm (when our power was out 82 hours).
  7. dave's brother steve came out this past weekend for a bird hunt with dave and all the guys from the FCO group. steve doesn't get away from home much since he's a dairy farmer. i think that they had a spectacular time together.
  8. i'm going to meet with a lady this week to help her go over her finances, be an accountability partner, etc. this is my first opportunity to "counsel" someone with their finances and i'm feeling incredibly blessed and humbled that God would grant me this opportunity, especially at the end of a long hard month where i felt like a financial failure based on decisions i've made with eating out, not having financial meetings with dave due to "busyness", etc.
  9. well, levi is trying to "help" me type now so i better get going. not to mention i'd like to get a load of dishes and 4 loads of laundry done in case the power goes out.
  10. Edit: Also, today is Levi's 6 month birthday! Can you believe it?

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Erica said...

awesome blog, I'll read all the links today, I love seeing a house that is not picture perfect all the time, makes me feel better and not try to be such a clean freak lately..with kids and 2 dogs it's near impossible to keep things 100%perfect and clean every single day!

Happy 6 month Levi!!! I can't believe it, it goes so fast :) Update pics of your little guy and the kitchen!!! love ya!