Levi turned 6 months old this past Monday and he has been getting into all sorts of "trouble". I am often surprised at what he can do for a guy who can only "scoot" around (not actually crawl). Here are just a few highlights of our past few weeks together:

  1. While standing in his exercauser (that has a rounded bottom) he managed to scoot it across the room by lunging in the direction he wanted to go, and then he knocked over a trash can. He did this twice. Until I moved the trash can.
  2. I left him playing happily, singing and talking, in the front room with some toys about 6 ft away from the kerosene heater (which was not running thankfully). I came back two minutes later when things got quiet to find him over by the heater, attempting to unscrew the cap where you pour in kerosene.
  3. While I was doing my makeup at the bathroom sink I had him playing at my feet on the warm tile floor. I looked down to see him opening the cabinet door under the sink and pulling the blow dryer out by its cord.
  4. I put him on our bedroom floor with his activity mat while I took a quick shower one day. I peaked out the curtain to find him grasping the drawer pulls of the bottom drawer of my dresser attempting to pull it out. It is about 15" tall x 24" wide and 18" deep. Solid oak. He had pulled it out about a half inch. Impressive for such a little guy.
  5. My mom and dad got him a work bench with little wooden shapes that you can hammer thru the top of the bench for Christmas. Thursday I showed him the toy and he couldn't quite use the hammer but Friday night he was already hammering the objects as if he'd been doing it his whole life. He's gonna be like his daddy...
  6. As I type this, he has made his way across the office floor and is now trapped between a table and a treadmill. I must rescue him!
One thing is for sure, this little man is going to keep me busy. I can not begin to imagine all the things he can get into to "childproof" our home so I just have to stay alert, watching him. He can't even crawl or walk yet and he's already being very tricky.

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