That is all I have to say about this...click below:
Post about Hormonal Birth Control
But I will warn you there are some curse words and may be mildly offensive but so, so true.

Someone I'm friends with on Facebook posted this link the other day, I opened it up then walked away from the computer and I just got around to reading it. I wish I could remember who posted it. But anyways. I saw this commercial on TV too. And I must admit at the time of viewing it, it did sound appealing to only have 4 periods a year, but it left me wondering what on earth is that drug really doing to a woman's body??? Guess you know what I'm NOT going to start taking now...

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Erica said...

BRILLIANT article!!! I too, have seen those commercials, but I always wondered, much like the Author, how is that NOT medically necessary?! We NEED to have a period!! (w/ risk of getting TMI, trust me (personal experience), when I tell you, we gotta shed that lining!) I love how a MAN wrote this and even he could see how much our culture is drugging us and filling our bodies w/ chemicals and we don't know the long term effects on them..which is scary! Great article, thanks for posting it, I think I might keep following his blog and see what else he has to say!!

Love ya Katie! hope all is well w/ you guys...I want to see more pics of the kicthen, what I saw on FB looked amazing!!!