Click on the link below. I found it fascinating viewing these photos since I'm living in a time where breastfeeding without a cover in public would be considered totally offensive.

Neat blog that includes historical breastfeeding photos

I think it is interesting how our views as a culture of breastfeeding have been changed/shaped so drastically in the last century. Something that is only natural has become unnatural in the eyes of many people.

I often felt uncomfortable around women breastfeeding before I had a baby. Even when they were covered. And now that I am one of those women, I am constantly concerned that I'm offending someone else. I am realizing that the only reason that I felt uncomfortable before was that I really had not been around that many women who did openly breastfeed. Because they were probably worried they would offend me...So I ask myself why don't we all just stop thinking of breasts as sexual objects and start doing what God designed us to do in public? Why don't we stop the cycle of everyone feeling uncomfortable? It would be so much easier. And I'm thinking also that the breast pump is a nice invention but has only probably been invented so that breastfeeding women can give their babies bottles in public to try to "fit in" with the cultural norms.

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