random thoughts

i've been reading a couple books lately.

crazy love (our sunday school class is reading it together)

lick the sugar habit (our midwife recommended it)

in lick the sugar habit i learned all kinds of facts that i sort of wish i could pretend i had never learned. for that matter, i'm getting the same thing from crazy love! ha!

anyways, it just seems like it is easier to not change and these two books are weighing on my mind pressuring me to change.

the other random thought i just had (and have had often throughout my life)....are kleenexes actually exacerbating my allergy/sinus symptoms? they have so much dust in them...when I grab one to wipe my nose, it creates more dust and makes me sneeze again which causes me to grab another tissue. perhaps i should switch back to the old school hankerchief. seems it would produce less dust. and be "green"...i mean, seriously, everyone is switching back to hand towels, microfiber cloths, and some people even use cloths instead of toilet tissue. and then the other thought i had ...maybe the facial tissue companies add extra dust so that you become "addicted" to their product and keep having to buy it.

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