Random stuff update

Here's a photo of our "new" computer armoire that I scored on craigslist today. Isn't it great? I was determined to put our home office in the great room so that we could watch movies on the computer (no TV) and so we could listen to music after Levi went to bed (cuz it used to be across the hall from his room and was too loud) so I scoured the internet and found this great piece of furniture to help conceal the mess of the computer while showing the house, etc. And I'm going to sell our ugly metal file cabinet and keep our files in the leather storage ottoman I got at Target last week. Woohoo!

Here's a cute pic of Levi and Daddy. They were both so tired that night but Levi managed to lean forward and give a half smile to the camera.

Dave Saturday night. Exhausted but enjoying his new bar counter and bar stool.

The back of the house after Justin and Alex tore off the ugly delapidated "redwood" deck. We will soon have a concrete patio.

The fireplace in the great room and the new carpet, paint, etc. before we moved in the furniture and put covers on outlets, etc.

Dave trying out his homemade extra tall bar stool. We modified plans from ana-white.com but these were super easy to make. Stools that high in stores cost about $300 each. We made two of these for about $50. We're going to paint them black. Of course, one is assembled and we are going to assemble the other one today. All the pieces are all over the great room right now.
This is a view of the great room into the kitchen. Pardon all the messes...

Levi chillin' in the oven drawer. Did I already post this on the blog? Know I did on FB. I just think it's cute. I'm proud that my boy can get around so easily on his own. Last night he climbed the stairs up to a slide and went down on his own (I caught him) at Glen Miller Park in Richmond. A sign said it was for 5-12 year olds. I laughed and asked if it meant 5-12 month olds?

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Molly said...

Oh my gosh, Levi is getting so big! I guess I haven't seen recent pictures of him in awhile. He is so cute!! The house looks great. Good job on the bar stools and the craigslist purchase! Looks like you guys are having so much fun with the "finishing touches" of your house. Can't wait till we get to that point. :) Glad we got to talk yesterday!