what is left to do on our house

It is June 3rd and we are oh-so-close to being done with our home. It's taken 3-4 years but we've remodeled and replaced nearly everything in this home. And we've paid cash for it. I'm praising God about that. Because it has cost us about 5 times what I originally estimated. Ha! We were so clueless when we started...

But anyways, I estimate we have 2-3 weeks left till we list it. Of course I always underestimate (see above paragraph) so realistically maybe we'll list it in 6 weeks...? I don't know. Anyways, I'm speaking that it will sell For Sale By Owner in 3 days. I am believing that if God wants us to move onto the next chapter in our lives (which He seems to) that it will work out so well. Of course I know there's a ton wrong with all that theologically, but anyways....whatever. I'm trying to be optimistic in my own little way.

So, here's a fun little to do list of what we have left to do on the house....not much in all reality (at least compared to everything that's been done)

  1. Build and install upper corner cabinet doors in kitchen
  2. Stain and poly the doors and the brackets supporting the bar counter
  3. Seal bar counter and re-seal kitchen counters
  4. Repair grout in guest bath
  5. Build 2 barstools using plans from ana-white.com
  6. Move the office to the great room and make it look not cluttery
  7. Deep clean the entire house
  8. Have the bedroom carpets and couch steam cleaned
  9. Landscaping (plants, mulch, etc.)
  10. Reroof the house
  11. Install new gutters
  12. Paint foundation?
  13. Paint exterior doors
  14. Fix light by side door outside
  15. Pour a new sidewalk and new patio
  16. Declutter master bedroom
  17. Stage guest bedroom
  18. Find somewhere to store remodeling tools, supplies
  19. Sew some grass seed
  20. Have a celebration party!!!!
I hope to post some more pics of the inside and outside of the house how it is right now later this weekend.

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