This past weekend

we had a really great weekend, but it was nothing like i'd planned. i can honestly say that i only did 2 of the things on my list of 10 (went to the mud bug friday and church sunday).

pat, michelle, rose, renee and phil came out friday night. they met us up at the fair. we had dinner and watched the mud bog and the girls & i walked around checking out what was left of the fair (friday was the last night). i always think it is so sad to see people tearing down at the fair. kinda depressing. rose & michelle went down the big slide and rode the train. and i stood and watched them with renee. renee waved at them each time the train passed us. it was precious!!

anyhow, saturday morning came very quickly. i had a haircut at 9 and dave went to the bmv. when we got back from our errands, everyone else was up and packing to leave. dave headed to dreyer with the caprice, phil & pat headed to martinsville to pick up a flywheel for dave (it turns out he has a v6 flywheel for brutus and should have gotten a v8 flywheel, so it won't run right). at the same time, michelle, rose, renee and i headed out to clay terrace - carmel's premier outdoor shopping center. we hit all the nice stores and then had ted's montana grill & coldstone creamery with dave for lunch. mmmm....

they all didn't leave till about 4:00 then i went on a scary test drive with dave and his coworker. we were going 100 mph in a bmw on a residential street. yikes! then i hit memoirs - a cool scrapbooking store. only spent $20 so i was proud of myself. saturday night we decided to forego the drive in cuz it was so hot & humid, and we went out to eat and watched a movie at home. i, of course, fell asleep in the middle of it.

sunday we went to church, had lunch at home, took a 2+ hour nap (YES!) and then went to lebanon to check out a CJ7. we then drove past nick & jill's and saw they were home so we stopped in. i was amazed at how BEAUTIFUL their house was. very nice and new. and in the country :) next to her dad's house, surrounded by the family farm...pretty cool, huh? after chillin' at their house, dave & i had dinner at el jaripeo to redeem mexican food since the place we tried sat night almost ruined it.

anyhow, that was pretty much it for the weekend. below are lots of pics. enjoy!!

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