Happy Valentine's Day!!

David & I had our first snow day in 5 years yesterday. There was freezing rain, about 6" of snow, lots of wind and drifting. He went into work and then they sent him home at 10:30 b/c no one would bring their cars in. Since he started working at D&R in March 2002, that is the first day they've done that. It wasn't that bad in the morning but got a lot worse as the day went on so I was glad I had decided to work from home yesterday. It was pretty cool. I worked from home, we ate good food together and we played games before we went to bed. Of course he beat me at both of them.

This morning, he got up and headed to work. I thought I would try to go. He spent about 20 mins before he left trying to get my car out of the carport. He couldn't get it.

- 30 minute pause -

I called in and told my work that I couldn't get out of my drive and I'd try to come in later. I just attempted to shovel the driveway so maybe my car could get out. The snow is so hard I can barely shovel it. ...Then I tried to start the Scrambler. It won't start... It's not happening. I feel so lazy, but what am I to do? Anyways, I have a few more things that I brought home with me Monday that I can do here.

Yesterday I tried to do our taxes on our home computer. Turns out the latest TurboTax won't work with Windows 98, which is what we have on our ancient computer. It will cost like $300 to have some random place do our taxes. So we spontaneously decided to go buy a computer. Actually, we've been talking about it for years. The one we have is nearly 7 years old. But we didn't exactly think we were going to buy it this month. We put it on a credit card. The first thing in a while. So we are going to be really strict with ourselves until it is paid off. Best Buy had to keep it to put on some anti-virus software, etc. yesterday. We are supposed to be able to pick it up today. I am really looking forward to our new HP laptop (yay Linn!) that we will be able to hook up to our TV and home stereo system. :) I hope that it is all we have imagined it to be. It has Windows Vista which looks pretty cool. It also has a webcam, a CD burner, a DVD burner, Lightscribe and it's just PRETTY! I am so excited. I am going to make it my goal to keep all the files on it organized too.

Last night I was going through this old computer and I realized how disorganized all my files were. I had like 60 things on the desktop first of all, and then I had school files saved all over the place. It was a mess. I'm trying to clean it up so I know what I want to transfer from this computer to the new one.

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Linn & Jenny Kropf said...

Linn will be so excited for you! He is just putting the finishing touches up on our media center (it is actually pretty cool...I think we're going to be able to cancel our cable/dish stuff because of it). He told me the other night at supper that he wants to start building them as side jobs, so if you need any help or advice, he can practice on you....