Faith vs. Fear

I'm just going to post a real quick one here....after the past couple hours spent with David I can see that I need to grow in my faith. A lot. He has been attempting to put a rope swing in our yard. He has been climbing around on 16-25' high tree limbs. Now he's running the chain saw.

I have a fear of heights and ladders...and chain saws....and also the fear of living life without him....

Before we have little boys who want to be as adventurous as he is, I need to learn to calm down, relax, and trust God. Otherwise, I might try to raise little pansy boys.......or have a heart attack, and that wouldn't be good.

On a lighter note, I used coupons at Walmart and Kroger today. The most coupons I've ever used. All in all, I saved $25. :) (There are more advantages to delivering papers than just the extra pay - the coupons in the Sunday papers!!)

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T.D. Evans said...

Hi, Dave and Katie,

This is T.D. Evans, Surena's brother. This weekend is Surena and I's parents 40th Anniversary and I'm putting together a video of pictures. I googled "Surena Neer" in an attempt to find more pictures of my sister and found your blog. I would like to "borrow" a few of the pictures you guys have of Steve, Surena and the kids for the video. I wanted to get your permission before doing so. I teach my students that they have to do this for a project and I want to practice what I preach. If you would, please send me an e-mail at td@monumentsquareproductions.com to let me know it is okay.

Thanks in advance!

T.D. Evans