Top 15 Ways to tell...

if you're working hard enough to soon be debt free!!!!!!!!!

1. you find yourself dreaming about permits and GIS sites because that's all you do all day......
2. you can't remember the last meal you ate at home, or at a restaurant for that matter; you just eat whatever is in the kitchen at the office
3. 5 hours is now an obscenely large amount of sleep
4. sleeping in is getting up at 2:30 a.m.
5. a vacation day is when you take time off of just 1 of your jobs, and you're thrilled about it
6. your eyes burn constantly
7. you'd rather go to sleep than eat dinner in the evening
8. people constantly ask you, "why don't you just work at a restaurant or something?" and you reply, "because this pays way more money"
9. when you drive down the road you can't help but read the addresses
10. the interior of your car is covered in black ink and smells like fresh newspapers
11. all your friends accuse you of joining a cult
12. you spend an average of 4 hours/ day in the car
13. you say "sleep fast" to each other every night before bed
14. you go thru brakes every 10,000 miles
15. and lastly, you are happier than you've ever been and what was once a challenge to you is now easy (i.e. working 40 hrs a week at your day job, keeping the house clean, etc, etc, etc)

~katie (& dave)

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