well, we found out today that the developer is most likely not planning on buying our home. i have turned into turbo home sorter and dave is worn out just watching me. he wants to go to bed right now and i want to pack everything and start painting. this is the day i've dreamt of for some time now. anyways, he says it's not official until the original contract has legally been nullified and he's right.

i made a 2 ft tall pile of magazines to burn. then i gave him his 6 inch tall stack to sort thru. of course he began reading one of the magazines. and then another. we are so different in the way we sort through things...it drives us both bananas.

well, i'm off to sort thru some more stuff.

it's funny. i thought we'd done a good job of decluttering last year until i really started looking around tonight. i have so much to get rid of. ........anyways, it will be fun.

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