i was determined to make my life better starting with today. i rejoiced in the beautiful morning rather than cursing the monday as usual. dave and i rode to work together then i tried really hard to stay positive at work today. tonight i made dave an actual dinner - chix parmesan with oatmeal as the "crust", and then we went on a bike ride. i was going to walk on the treadmill but we decided to take the opportunity to ride our bikes since it was not very windy. we rode to walker farms and came upon the corsica. now we can visit it at its new home. and then we rode into whitestown to the lions park and saw a couple we go to church with. their two boys were playing ball there. we talked to them for a while. then we rode on north of town and then turned back west and eventually south. we ended up riding about 9 miles all in all. and only 1 little dog chased us. thank goodness. i really hate being chased by dogs. we decided we might ride our bikes into l.a. cafe sometime. that would be fun.

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