starting today i'm kicking procrastination and laziness out of my life!!

here's how. small decisions. every single one of these was hard to make. i teetered on the verge of not making the right choice each time, but in the end, i convinced myself to do these things. things that i've found to be almost impossible for the past 6 months.

here are some of the good choices i made:

  1. we woke up early at 5:30 so we could have breakfast together and make a to do list.
  2. i walked on the treadmill for 35 minutes. first time in a LONG time that i worked out at home.
  3. made a phone call about getting a job. actually a couple.
  4. swept the floors
  5. mopped the floors
  6. cleaned the bathrooms
  7. filed 4 months worth of paid bills, insurance paperwork, paystubs, etc. that had been piling up in "in" baskets
  8. made a good dinner
  9. bought hardware for the kitchen cabinets
  10. got dave a new towel and washcloth and put it in the bathroom for him when i took the dirty ones out. because i love him and i know how angry it makes him when i forget to do this.
  11. i followed the weight watchers program for eating. first time in a LONG time that i did that.
  12. i did not go back to sleep after dave left even though the bed looked rather inviting.
  13. sold some speakers on craigslist for $75 (well, this one was actually initiated a few days ago)
anyways, i'm off to bed now!

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