i made bread yesterday and again this morning. i think that instead of making it every week or two like i did before levi was born, i am going to start making a bunch like i did this week so i don't have to make it again for a while. we should be good on bread now until november i believe...

dave & i have been watching various documentaries on youtube lately.

the first was the business of being born. it was very interesting and left us thankful once again that we had a home birth. although it may not be for everyone, it was the best choice for us.

after watching that, dave told his friend duke about it and duke told us to check out the obama deception. i did not watch the whole thing because it left me feeling very out of control and depressed. basically, i've heard this before and i don't know if i want to believe it. it's probably true. and sick. but it leaves us feeling thankful that we believe in God. because without that, there would be no hope. basically, the obama deception, like other things we've seen/read explains that the federal reserve is NOT part of the gov't. even though we are lead to believe it is. and its existence is very unconstitutional because the gov't is supposed to have the power to print money, but when the fed reserve came into play, the gov't signed over their ability to print money to a private bank. ...which explains why the gov't has debt. i remember all my life i wondered how the gov't could be in debt when they print the money. well, it's because the private bank is loaning them money instead...nice.

we once purchased a copy of the magazine "Mother Earth News". we absolutely loved it so dave was talking to his coworker aaron about it. turns out aaron is a subscriber so he is letting us borrow his current issues. i thoroughly enjoyed looking thru them this week. there are all kinds of articles about how to live debt-free, "off-the-grid" and farming or gardening organically, not depending on any utility companies, banks, groceries, etc. so...yeah, it's right up our alley.

one article mentioned the documentary "food, inc." i watched it yesterday. it is all about how unhealthy/unsafe the food that we buy in groceries is and how it is all manufactured by basically 4 giant companies, etc. and how farmers have been manipulated, sued, etc. very informative. i highly recommend it. after watching it though, i'll warn you, i have the intense urge to go throw everything away in our pantry and eat only meat that we butcher ourselves and vegetables that we grow ourselves.

...all in all, we feel like an intense forboding. like something huge is about to happen and God is preparing us even more for it. we recall back in 2006/2007 when we decided to pay off our debt and soon heard of Dave Ramsey. that gave us a plan of action to follow to do it more quickly...and then soon after that, the economy began to go south and things became more expensive, etc. we ended up looking like geniuses because we'd paid off our debt and could still get by in slow times at work and could still afford expensive food and gas, etc. looking back we really feel like God was equipping us ahead of time for those difficult times. and now everywhere we turn in the last month we are bombarded with messages about the government, how corrupt it is, how you can't trust it, etc. and we have a stronger desire than ever before to step out of this economic system as much as possible. to live as independently as possible. we are still a long way from knowing everything we'd need to know to do that, but getting closer each day. and it's amazing how God keeps putting us in touch with people/resources to speed up the process.

and who knows? maybe we will just become amish after all.


Erica said...

don't GET ME STARTED on Obama!!! lol the poor misguided, blind people that voted for him. wow. and those people are our age! I know even Christians who voted for him..wow is all I can say. You guys are amazing people! love ya!

Molly said...

We'll have to check out the "Mother Earth News" magazine. Sounds interesting. Reading your blog makes me wish even more that we lived closer. It seems like we're interested in so many of the same things. It would be so nice to have you guys close by! Hopefully we'll be able to get together again sometime soon. Hope you and little Levi are doing well. :)